Hi, my name is Melanie & I have been involved in many different aspects of the jewellery industry since the early 1990’s. This includes working in retail stores as a salesperson and as a jewellery valuer.  I have also worked with insurance companies assisting them in replacing their customers lost or damaged jewellery. Over the years, I have worked for a variety of companies, exposing me to a wide variety of styles, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc.

I have been passionate and fascinated by jewellery since I was eleven years old. That year, my father bought colour slides of the British Crown Jewels when he visited the Tower of London. Once I was able to see the Crown Jewels in person in November 2001, I was completely overwhelmed and enamoured. My friends had to drag me away (literally!)!

My qualifications include:

  • I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and I completed my studies in 1998.
  • In addition, I am a Registered Jewellery Valuer, and have been a member of that organisation since 2010.